Become A Motorized Wheelchair And Scooter Tech

Motorized-Wheelchair-Repair-1Help others by completing motorized wheelchair and scooter repairs

Our team is constantly growing. If you have been considering a new career, or if you’re a skilled scooter tech already, United Medical Equipment is looking for technicians that are dependable, skilled, enthusiastic, and who have a clean records. We complete background checks on all technicians in every state, ensuring the safety and comfort of our clients and customers. If you are interested in working for United Medical Equipment, please review the requirements below and get in touch with us about registering with us.


Requirements of Wheelchair Repair Techs

There are a number of important skills you must have in order to work as a wheelchair repair tech with United Medical Equipment. These skills include the technical skills necessary to complete the jobs we send you on, as well as the soft skills necessary to work with people who have been inconvenience and sometimes debilitated by the malfunction of a motorized wheelchair. Below is a list of important skills that all of our wheelchair techs must have to work in the business.

  • Basic Paperwork Management – All jobs will require that you fill out forms, communicate the work done with clients, and get the approval of clients for the job that was done. The information must then be filed with the appropriate office.
  • Driver’s License and Reliable Vehicle – You will need to be ready to go on a job when we need you to, which means driving to and from the job where you will complete the repair.
  • Communications – You must be available to receive and send email or faxes so that paperwork and jobs can be communicated promptly.
  • Experience With Mobility Equipment or Similar Skills – Every technician we work with must be able to properly and adequately repair motorized wheelchairs and scooters. You may only need certain electro-mechanical skills to do the job, but you must also understand the work you will be doing.
  • Professionalism and Courtesy – When working with people who are in need, you must be patient, calm, and courteous at all times. You are there to make their lives better and set them at ease in a time of stress and inconvenience, so you must be able to treat people with respect and make them feel confident in your skills.


For more information, contact United Medical Equipment and request the becoming a tech details.